Schedule - 10.06.2022

  • Check in / Coffee / Networking
    2022-06-10 08:00
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    Johannes Schickling
    A new era of web development
    No field in software engineering is changing as rapidly as web development with new frameworks being released every week. Yet, many fundamental problems are still unsolved. This talk will present a range of new technologies and emerging paradigms that will shape a new era of web development.
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    Daniel Thompson-Yvetot
    Tauri Foundations and Futures
    Tauri is a rust-based, security-first, open-source application construction framework built on the philosophy of shipping better projects without compromising on our climate goals. This talk will introduce key components and benchmarks of the stable release of the fully-audited framework. Further it will discuss its future as a means of not only delivering desktop and mobile apps, but also its mission of backfitting servo in order to make a fully fledged all-platform webview provider.
  • Break
    2022-06-10 10:30
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    Lisi Linhart
    10 things I learnt building a globally-distributed headless CMS
    - headless as the infrastructure solution to „global” scaling for our customers
    - AWS infrastructure with Elastic Beanstalk and flexible server choices for our customer (connecting different infrastructure)
    - Keeping APIs and image services fast
    - Testing environments & Quality assurance
    - I18N across the frontend and backend
    - fully-remote software engineering & the challenges
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    Konstantin Tkachuk
    Introduction to IPFS and Filecoin & how they shape the future of web3
    In this talk Konstantin will introduce IPFS and Filecoin and how they accelerate the transition to Web3, a version of the web where ownership and control are more decentralized and distributed than they are today. Participants will get a high-level introduction to the technologies’ core concepts, discuss their potential in the context of web3 and learn about user-friendly tools and existing applications to kick-start their own development efforts.
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    Tejas Kumar - MC
    Presented a demo of Xata.
  • Lunch-break
    2022-06-10 12:30
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    Johannes Moser & Mika Naylor
    Attitude - Leading beyond tools, processes and structure
    Software engineering teams are moving our civilization forward. Sometimes for, sometimes independent from and sometimes even against the greater cause. The demand for (good) software engineers seems to be endless, the compensation they get, often too. Same as benefits, space, room and general comfort at work. Employers are often in a defensive role.
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    Michael Bromley
    Headless Commerce: What? Why? How?
    Discuss with Michael about what it is and when it makes sense and what a headless project looks like.
  • Break
    2022-06-10 15:00
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    Michael Arnaldi
    Introduction to Effect
    Tackling the hard problems in JavaScript.
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    David Leitner
    Software that Scales - a Reactive Mindset
  • Break
    2022-06-10 17:00
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    Onur Kasimlar
    Kubernetes at the Edge – IoT Edge Computing
    Lightning talk
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    Shivay Lamba
    High Performance Node.js
    In the post Moore’s Law era, due to limitations of the hardware, we need to squeeze more performance from the existing hardware. That means that the native code provides the best performance. However, the prevalence of native code on the server-side presents challenges to application safety and manageability. The rise and advent of Rust and WebAssembly offers new ways for developers to write high performance yet safe Node.js applications.
  • After Party
    2022-06-10 18:15