New Location: CONRAD SOHM

The name Conrad Sohm has become a brand. For 20 years now, the magnificent club has been a guarantor for musical highlights, cultural delicacies and trend-setting surprises and is one of the best-visited locations in the region.
The Conrad Sohm sees itself as a multicultural meeting place for music-loving and culturally interested people of (almost) every age group.

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How to get there?

We would like to ask you to arrive by public transport. If it is unavoidable to arrive by car, we recommend to form car pools. In front of the Conrad Sohm and along the Dornbirner Ach or at the Waldbad Enz (4 minutes walk) there are enough parking spaces available. The designated no-parking and towing zones must be observed!

Additionally we would recommend the public transport which is well organised in this region.

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