WorkerConf 2023 - Canceled
Dornbirn / Austria

🙏 A big THANK YOU to our incredible #WorkerConf Community - the speakers, delegates, and sponsors who have stood by us through the years. Your constant support and enthusiasm have been the cornerstone of this event.

Unfortunately, we have taken the tough decision to not hold the event this year. In this evolving landscape, we've found that individuals benefit more from the convenience and accessibility of online resources, such as informative YouTube videos, than congregating in a single location.

As we navigate these changing times, we remain open to exploring potential future events. But for now, we believe it's best to hit the pause button, reassess, and possibly return with a format that resonates more with the current learning and networking preferences.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support. We hope to possibly reunite in the future, fostering learning and collaboration in new, effective ways. Until then, stay curious and keep growing. 🌟 #WorkerConfCommunity #OnwardsAndUpwards